uPVC windows - stylish, low maintenance and environmentally friendly


Windows do more than let light into your house. The shape and design can make a huge difference, and changing your windows opens up a whole new world of style. Windows made from uPVC also have the practical benefits of low maintenance and high durability, unlike wooden frames, which usually require frequent repainting and attention.

Aspire to be individual. Create bespoke designs from our impressive range of bevelled or fully sculptured frames, which offer choices to compliment every type of property.

Windows that won't cost the earth! With diminishing natural resources and increasing concerns over global warming, its important to choose products that are environmentally friendly - both in the way they are made and the way they perform.

  • bulletReduced heat loss means lower energy consumption.
  • bulletAs a rot-free alternative to wood, uPVC saves millions of trees worldwide.
  • bulletLow-energy manufacture reduces harmful gas emissions.
  • bulletuPVC frames can be easily recycled.
  • bulletComplies with Document L of the building regulations.

Our current brochure for uPVC windows is now available for download.